Tetrachomatic Explorations (2023)

Experimental Game

Pigeons see the world through tetrachromatic vision – they see a broader spectrum of colours than humans do.

How might a pigeon perceive grey East London?

Tetrachromatic Explorations is a variation on the “walking sim” genre, offering the player a chance to experience a journey through East London from the perspective of one of the local pigeons.

Pigeons are highly intelligent creatures, one of the few to recognize themselves in the mirror. Their eyes allow them to see beyond the human perceptible colour spectrum into the ultra violet and they often inhabit liminal zones in the urban environment. Under bridges, on balconies, interlaced through the nooks and crannies that make up our world.

London Fields is a part of East London – deep in history, and a place of constant change of renewal. Currently it is being heavily redeveloped – industrial warehouses and old terrace housing is being replaced with new developments, and the community is changing.

This experience combines site specific binaural sound recordings, photogrammetry, with the alterity of the pigeons POV.


Mythotechnesis Exhibition – Goldsmiths University, November, 2023