Colo (2020)

Virtual Reality Experience

COLO is a short form experiential VR film that takes the user through a landscape built from a memory. The work plays within the liminal space between embodiment and disembodiment, incorporating body scanning and skeletal tracking technology to incorporate the user’s body into the piece.

Inspired by the work of Char Davies (Osmose, 1997), Sara Rothberg (Memory / Place, 2014) and Marshmallow Laser Feast “We Live in an Ocean of Air” (2019), the piece fits within a body of “Naturalistic” VR art experiences, and is aimed at a broad audience.

Colo is a located at the bend of a river just outside of Sydney, Australia, and played a key role in formative memories for the artist. Since that time it has been ravaged by a series of climate related disasters, from bushfires in 2019 (documented in this VR experience) to subsequent huge flooding the year after.

This work entangles the participant into a space-time-mattering from the artist’s memory, and ruminates on the danger of nostalgia when presented with conditions we collectively face.


Lumen Prize Event: ‘Biotechnology and the post-human’, Goldsmiths University

2020 “getLerped” – Goldsmiths University, London, 2019