Infovasculature of the Body Politic (2022)

Infovascular system of the Body Politic is a film which considers the online media coverage of the US election as an organism, and investigates the pathology of this organism through a machine learning and medical imaging examination.
The US election loomed throughout 2020 as a spectre on the global horizon – the tentacular reach of these political events, through various media channels started to assume a “presence” within everyday consciousness.

The artist has created datasets – one based on time-lapse footage of news websites throughout the week of the election itself, the second created from on the ground footage shot by Kent Nishimura of the Los Angeles Times. These datasets are analysed using AI into three dimensional bodies representing the “Infovasculature” of these moments.

This work asks: are there new ways to observe the new media systems that underpin our technopolitical infrastructure? And what might these new pathologies reveal to us?


“Mythotechnesis” – Goldsmiths University, London, December 2022