Robin Hood Gardens: Rewound

(2018 - Ongoing) Film & Neural Network (cGAN) Generated Imagery

(2018 – Ongoing) Film & Neural Network (cGAN) Generated Imagery

How may a story can be told using the medium of a generative adversarial network (GAN)? In this work the artist configures a GAN to re-create a memory haunted by a recently departed past and the hope for future that never arrived, or what the late Mark Fisher termed ‘lost futures’.

Adopting Jacques Derrida’s theory of hauntology, the GAN is cast as a ‘spectre’ that traverses  Robin Hood Gardens estate to bring to light the human stories that was defined by a era of brutalist, utopian social housing projects in London.


Presented work with Eddie Wong @ Art Machines II Conference (Hong Kong)

Trajectories III “Will Technology Save Us?” – Watermans Gallery, London. October 2020

“getLerped” – Goldsmiths University, London, 2019